Arcata Omissions

As executive director of Arcata Mainstreet (a nonprofit group that promotes downtown development), I don't feel that you gave the whole picture of the Arcata experience in the "Adventures in Logland" article (Aug. 16). Although it was a quick stop on the way to the airport, you might have had a chance to see and write about:

* Arcata Marsh, a world-class wildlife habitat that is an important stopover in the Pacific Flyway, in conjunction with the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

* Humboldt State University, widely considered to be one of the most beautiful campuses in the Cal State system.

* Arcata Forest, a hiking, picnicking, cycling and jogging experience, with favorite surfing beaches.

* Arcata Plaza, the center of town since the early 1850s and the site for many activities, including a farmer's market every Saturday from April through November, with live entertainment and organic produce.

We are also the only city in America with a majority Green Party council.

PAUL REX, Arcata


Thanks for your article on Northern California. The pictures of the Gingerbread Mansion and the gumdrop trees in Ferndale brought back memories of my childhood, when I spent most of my summers in that small town. Earthquakes are a part of life in that region, and I knew that even the 1992 quakes would not keep Ferndale down for long.


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