Grease Is the Word

Do you ever wish time stopped during the 1950s? Do the terms "lowering, chopping and shaving" mean something to you? Is Elvis your god?

If so, check out Calendar Live! as it explores the rockabilly scene.

Discover the big events and the popular venues throughout the Southland and shake, rattle and roll with the crowd that considers grease to be both a hair-care and car-care product and thinks Bettie Page is still America's reigning pinup queen.

Pickup Lines

If you're into hoops but are tiring of the local competition, why not find some new pickup basketball action? Calendar Live! makes finding a game of hoops about as easy as slam-dunking on a 6-foot rim.

The Butler Does It

Bernard Butler has a new career that's smoother than Suede. Calendar Live! talks with him about his debut solo album and no-nonsense attitude.

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