Single BB Can Total Plate-Glass Window


Q We have a large plate-glass window in our living room. The glass is in good shape except for a BB hole in one corner. I've seen ads for firms that fix holes in car windshields. Can that be done on glass in the home? If not, would a glass shop give me a credit on the old glass, since all they'd have to do is cut away the section with the hole to resell it?




A What's used in cars is laminated glass, which has a piece of plastic between two sheets of glass, says Debbie Mundt of College Glass & Mirror in Anaheim.

There is a way to repair windshields because of the way they're made. But plate glass and even tempered glass are unrepairable, and the only solution is to replace the piece. It's also unlikely that a shop would give you credit for your old glass.


Q I want to change the look of my kitchen cabinets by replacing the standard hinges with hinges that are hidden inside the door. How difficult is this?


Seal Beach


A These types of European hinges look nice, but be aware of what you're getting yourself into, says Frank Eckert of Arrow True Value Hardware in Orange.

Some of these require special tools to install, and if you're not familiar with hanging cabinet doors, it may take a while to do them correctly. Having a professional do this type of job is usually better than getting do-it-yourself headaches.


Q I have a 10-year-old toilet that has a crack in the tank. I've tried repairing it, but the crack just gets bigger. Can I replace the tank alone? I don't want to get a new toilet because I'll have to buy a water-saving model.


Lake Forest


A If it's just 10 years old, you should be able to find a replacement tank if the manufacturer hasn't gone out of business, says Rich Haagsma of Faucets 'n Fixtures in Orange.

Write down the manufacturer and model number and take it to a plumbing supply store. If you can't find the model number, take a few pictures of the toilet with you.

Many people are trying to repair their older toilets rather than replace them because of their concerns with the low-flow models. The newer the toilet, the easier this is to do.

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