Magazine to Honor O.C.'s Mittermeier

Jan Mittermeier, the county's chief executive officer, has been named one of the top public officials of the year by a national magazine, even as the fate of her job is uncertain.

The 58-year-old chief executive will be honored in November at a dinner by Governing magazine alongside 10 others, including Georgia Gov. Zell Miller; Mike Moore, attorney general of Mississippi; and Richard J. Pennington, superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

Mittermeier has been lauded for her work in restructuring the county's historic bankruptcy debt and streamlining the bureaucracy. Admirers say she was instrumental in bringing the county out of bankruptcy in about 18 months.

Foes, including some supervisors, say she has retained too much power and has failed to keep all board members informed of policy decisions.

An announcement is expected this week about changes in her contract.

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