Panel to Weigh Golf Range Adjustments

Amid complaints about errant golf balls threatening domestic tranquillity, the Agoura Hills Planning Commission will discuss Thursday whether a golf driving range has adequately addressed residents' concerns about light, noise and stray balls.

Flanked by homes on both sides, the 2-year-old facility at Lindero Country Club has undergone several modifications to make it a better neighbor.

In January, the commission directed the club's operator, Golf Projects International, to minimize glare from range lighting by constructing ground lights that beam upward rather than shine down on surrounding houses. The company also reduced the number of pole lights and cut the wattage, said David V. Smith, president of Golf Projects International.

"We're trying to make sure that we act as good neighbors," Smith said.

The company nearly doubled the height of netting around the driving range to stop balls from sailing toward homes. But some balls are getting through, said Dave Anderson, the city's planning and community development director.

"There have been some complaints about the balls escaping and creating safety problems," Anderson said.

Responding to concerns about the sound of golf clubs thwacking balls, the company plans to install sound barriers within the next two weeks, Smith said.

The Planning Commission will consider whether the changes will comply with the conditions set by the city.

"I think that we are right at the end of the final adjustments to have everybody say, 'This is OK; we can live with this,' " Smith said.

The Planning Commission meets Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, Suite 102, 30101 Agoura Court.

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