A Gaggle of Girlish Gadgetry

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Designed to get girls more involved in technology at a younger age, and thus help them excel in school, Girl Tech takes traditional toys and gives them a technological twist. For more information, log on to A sampling:

Keepsafe Box: This high-tech storage container opens by remote control. When the correct code is entered into the key-chain remote, the box lights up and opens. ($20)

Password Journal: The diary locks and opens with voice recognition technology, and has a storage compartment for paper, pens and other small items. ($20)


Door Pass: When attached to a bedroom door, it requests a password be spoken before entry is granted. If the password and the voice uttering it do not match, an alarm sounds. ($20)

Bug ‘Em: This remote listening device is a two-piece set. The microphone is disguised as a ladybug, and the hand-held receiver relays the conversation being transmitted. ($20)

Beam-It Projector: This gadget lets girls write messages or draw pictures that can be projected across the room. ($10)