Mondesi Issue Is Discussed

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In an attempt to put the unpleasantness behind them, all the principles involved in last week’s Raul Mondesi outburst-- Mondesi, Dodger President Bob Graziano, General Manager Kevin Malone, Manager Davey Johnson and Mondesi’s agent, Jeff Moorad-- met for 90 minutes Monday at Dodger Stadium to discuss the events.

“Everyone involved did their best to put the events of last week behind them. The spirit of the meeting was positive,” Moorad said. “Raul apologized to Kevin and Davey personally. Today I think went a long way toward reestablishing the relationship that was damaged with last week’s event.

“At this point, Raul is going to try and do his best to put his focus on the field. I think that [the Dodgers] took a very important step toward that.”


As far as disciplining Mondesi for his tirade, that was a subject for another time.

“That was not a subject that was discussed today,” Moorad said. “It seems clear to me that the organization will discuss any disciplinary measures at another time. At this point, the meeting was more general. It was more to the foundation of reestablishing a relationship.”

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, Mondesi can be fined $500. Anything more than that and Mondesi can file a grievance with the Players’ Union.