Nevada Couple Ordered Before Grand Jury Probing Bomb Plots

From Associated Press

A Nevada couple, Ronald and Jan Brown, have been ordered to appear in Sacramento today before a grand jury investigating an alleged plot to bomb targets in Northern California, a Nevada newspaper, the Lahontan Valley News/Fallon Eagle Standard, reported.

Another paper, the Reno Gazette-Journal, reported Wednesday that two men being investigated in the alleged plot--Kevin Ray Patterson, 42, of Camino, Calif., and Charles Dennis Kiles, 49, of Placerville, Calif.--may have planned an attack on a Reno clinic where abortions are performed.

The allegations are part of a federal affidavit filed in support of a request for warrants to search the homes of Patterson and Kiles.


The document said an informant told FBI agents that the men attended the Reno Gun Show last month and planned to drive to the West End Women’s Clinic for “some criminal activity.”

Patterson and Kiles were arraigned Tuesday in Sacramento on federal firearms charges in connection with the reported bomb plot.

Agents say the men, members of an anti-government militia group, planned to blow up a 24-million-gallon propane storage site in the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove.

The document also said a tracking device placed on a car rented by Patterson on Aug. 2 showed that it was driven to Fallon and stopped along Howard Place, where the Browns live. It stayed less than two hours.

A trace on calls to Patterson’s home telephone during a yearlong investigation also showed two calls were placed to the Browns’ home the day before.

Numerous calls to the Browns’ home by the newspaper Tuesday and by Associated Press on Wednesday were unanswered.