Robert Wagenhoffer; Skating Champ, Choreographer

Robert Wagenhoffer, 39, professional figure skating champion, ice show choreographer and fund-raiser for efforts to fight AIDS. Wagenhoffer first tried roller skating but decided "it wasn't as smooth and lyrical as the ice." He perfected a back flip and side cartwheel and became the only skater in U.S. history to be junior champion in singles and pairs in the same year. In 1982, Wagenhoffer turned pro to join the Ice Capades. He skated with that show, and with the Tour of World & Olympic Champions, World Cup Champions on Ice and Gershwin on Ice. He went on to choreograph the Gershwin production and Brian Boitano's "Skate Against Hate" network television special. Wagenhoffer also lent his talents to raising money to combat AIDS, in such shows as "Rock on Ice" in Sacramento in 1993. On Monday in Torrance from complications of AIDS.

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