McClintock and Cars

Re “Valley-Area Lawmakers See Davis As Friend of Bills,” Jan. 31.

In contrast to the Democratic bills that increase handgun safety, keep legally blind drivers off the road and ban sale of DDT-contaminated fish, we have “Impeachment Party” member Tom McClintock rehashing his love affair with the automobile. He already helped cripple California’s state budget with his cut of automobile fees. Now he wants to go a step further and make car registration free.

This would be an enormous step backward. The automobile and freeways are relics from the past that have caused nothing but environmental and social problems. We need legislation that will advance nonpolluting public transportation solutions.

The Valley’s No. 1 problem is air pollution. Those of us who live here have to breathe it and contend with the nasty jokes and negative comments of everyone who comes to visit. Besides damaging our health, it stands firmly in the way of the development of any serious tourism. Despite the best efforts of . . . economic councils and business organizations working in this direction, it is going to be difficult to package the Valley as an appealing place to visit so long as the air pollution problem is treated by its non-Democratic politicians as something invented by “liberals.”