Psych Tech Contributions

Recent articles about Ventura County’s merger then un-merger of its Behavioral Health Department and Public Social Services Agency prompt me to write this letter. These articles refer to the “doctors, nurses and social workers” who provide care to the mentally ill of this county.

Well, I’m here to say that it is not only this group of professionals who provide services. Psychiatric technicians--or psych techs, as we are called--play a large role in providing our mentally ill population with services.

A psych tech does just about everything, including helping consumers and their families to acquire benefits, make doctor appointments, take and document doctors’ orders, give injections, educate consumers and their families about the importance of medications. We also write treatment plans, go to Social Security appointments with the consumers, help them budget their money, help keep them out of the hospital, do assessments and evaluations, and more.

The psych tech is a valid and necessary cog in the wheel of Behavioral Health. When you read about Behavioral Health and the professionals who work there, don’t forget about the psych techs.