Simpson Protest

I cannot believe the money spent by Denver radio host Bob Enyart on the O.J. Simpson memorabilia, just to be burned (Feb. 18). Before this, Simpson was a great athlete. How does something he worked hard for, before all this trial and drama, have to do with today?

The protesters are forgetting the most important people affected by all of this, the kids. The trial has ended; it can’t be changed; the civil suit found him guilty. They need to move on with their lives.

The protesters are giving Simpson more attention than he is worth. They are keeping his name in the spotlight when it shouldn’t be. He should be forgotten. No one like him wants to be forgotten.

Protesters should look at the victims’ families for some guidance. How are the families supposed to heal with all this continuing drama? Protesters need to stop thinking about themselves and think about the children. How they feel matters; you don’t.