Spend Money on Parks, Not Airport

* I was outraged that “needed repairs are going unmade” in our county parks, such as Irvine Regional Park, because of budget cuts and diversions (Feb. 21), especially at a time when our region is growing and facilities are more popular than ever.

Why is our county government, the Board of Supervisors, continuing to spend millions, perhaps billions, of dollars to turn El Toro into an international airport when the vast majority of the county does not want it or doesn’t care about it?

A most recent example is the supervisors’ decision to spend at least $3 million on test flights at El Toro when the majority of the county believes they are nonsensical and worthless. That money could go a long way when it comes to making needed repairs at our parks.

The Board of Supervisors has the county involved in an airport tar baby and each time they swing at it, more money sticks to it.