Hey, Brad Pitt, Here's Some Advice for Club Shoppin'

Check it out: One of my favorite disco birdies told me Brad Pitt has been snooping around for a Tinseltown bar. Should've called me up for suggestions, dude, like Bob's Frolic 2. Contrary to the earlier rumor, that will not be the future site of Beauty Bar. (Those cats settled on an Indian restaurant near Cahuenga and Hollywood.) Boardner's (on Cherokee) also is rumored to be considering offers. Finally, I plead with you, Mr. Pitt, please take a look at the Spot Light Room. It's the best location for a chic but funky bar--Cahuenga and Selma--but it could use some tender loving fumigation. The owner never wants to sell it, but I'm thinking with all those $20-million jobs you get, you can make him an offer he can't refuse.

Pitt looked twice at Tempest, but it's bigger and nicer than he had in mind, and owner Michael Najar decided he's not selling. Instead, he's renovating and recently launched a new Tuesday night '80s dance club with the guys behind "Fast Times at Dragonfly." . . .

Let's offer a rousing two-stein toast to the lucky blokes who got their hands on Fritzi's Hofbrau House on Sunset near Martel. If I had a nickel for every investor who tried to buy that closed-down venue over the years, I'd be able to buy some schnitzel, fer sher. Turns out Fritzi passed away and the folks who own "217" on the Third Street Promenade were the first to the table.

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