Blackfeet Oil Field

Will it be ever thus? Large quantities of oil and gas possibly reside under the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northern Montana (June 28), and once again we are faced with the prospect of developers trashing a pristine environment in the name of jobs, contracts and royalties. I don't question the Blackfeet Tribal Council's motives for at least considering this deal with the devil, but the irreversible destruction of nature and wildlife in exchange for partial relief of their economic problems is a price all Americans will ultimately pay.

What in blazes is K2 Energy Corp., a Canadian drilling firm, doing in Montana anyway? I say let them slant drill for the reserves from their own side of the fence and pay the Blackfeet the royalties without the attendant destruction. Better yet, we can skim off some of our stock profits to take care of our Native American brothers and sisters to the north and leave the wilderness alone!



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