Giving Your Throne a Lift

It's a seldom-discussed societal woe, of concern to mothers with predominantly male children and wives with lazy husbands. The raised toilet seat--bane of female existence.

Thanks to the efforts of a company in Lake Forest, we may never need to touch a toilet seat again. Magic John, a product of Sole Convenience Inc., is a foot-activated toilet seat lifter and lowerer that installs easily, without the need for a plumber or even special tools.

It's a rare product that simultaneously can reduce marital strife, ease back strain and lay to rest our fears of contracting disease. And rarer still that this state of affairs can be achieved for $39.95, but Magic John fills the bill, adding to an ever-growing list of products designed to make our lives easier in the bathroom: tissue-paper toilet seat covers, automated plastic toilet seat covers and look-ma-no-hands flushing.

Sole Convenience Inc.: (800) 550-0056 or

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