Glazing Cake With a Slice of Still-Life

How would you like to see Fifi in French vanilla frosting, Uncle Bob in butter cream icing, or little Francis in fudge? Torrance-based Kopykake Enterprises is now offering a computerized cake-decorating system that will let users create an exact reproduction of any photograph onto a cake.

The Kopyjet cake-decorating software may be used with any home or office computer that has both a printer and a scanner.

Here's how it works: After the photo is scanned into the computer, it is printed out on a special edible frosting sheet. The printed image is left out to dry for about five to 15 minutes until it is ready to peel from its backing. The printed frosting sheet is then placed on top of a frosted cake, and a border and writing may be added.

The picture blends right into the frosting, leaving no taste. Yum! How's that for a picture-perfect cake?

Kopykake is marketing the software, print cartridges and frosting sheets to bakeries nationwide. Log on to for information.

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