Oh, to Be a Celebrity

"Celebrities, Aren't They Something!" (by Paul Krassner, June 13). You bet they are. It would be distressing to lose one's privacy and be hounded day and night, but, oh, to be a movie star, I think I'd chance it, wouldn't you? However, I wouldn't constantly complain about fans. If they bothered me that much, I'd go on the stage, I'd do voice-overs, I'd do anything to stay in the business.

The unfortunates who become unhinged about actors have no sense of self. They need to get a life. Maybe they don't know how.

Jackie Lorraine Callaghan



I enjoyed Krassner's article until I read the offensive quote attributed to Alley Mills in which she told of "seeing Jamie Farr, that little guy from 'MASH' . . . ."

I have known Jamie Farr and his family for more than 30 years. "Little guy" Farr is over 5-foot-10.

Barbara Chamberlain

Los Angeles

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