Debugging in Aromatic Style

To appreciate one of the unsung virtues of summer in Southern California, just ask anyone who grew up in the Midwest, South or Northeast about the mosquito attacks they suffered when the weather turned warm. This area is as bug-free as they come, which is to say, not completely.

For those who don't want little buggers on their precious flesh, Banana Republic offers a natural aromatic bug-repelling candle ($14) and a bug repellent with citronella, safflower and spearmint oil to smooth and shield the skin ($10).

One way to remind lucky guests that you've totally debugged the environment would be to set their drinks on one of Banana Republic's bug coasters. That way, anyone can symbolically smash ersatz critters by firmly setting a glass down. A set of 24 coasters ($10) includes anatomically correct creatures printed on heavy paper.

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