Shortcut to Cornering the Stars

John Cunningham chases celebrities. But not in the places you might expect. Where he chases celebrities, he doesn't have to run very fast or very far. He chases them on their own driveways for his cable show "Driveways of the Rich and Famous."

In his seven years as a celebrity reporter, he's run into some awfully big stars, who have been awfully surprised to see a strange man on the driveway with a hand-held camera.

Take "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff. He told Cunningham to, well, we can't tell you what he said. Repeatedly. (But you can read the brief transcript at Cunningham's Web site,

Then, there was Madonna, who said, "Hey, you're in my driveway!" And, of course, Martha Stewart, whose housekeeper had him arrested.

When Cunningham doesn't catch stars on their driveways, he talks to the pool cleaner, delivery person or mail carrier. Once, Cunningham asked Billy Crystal's gardener what kind of person the comedian was. The titillating reply? "Short."

Failing those human encounters, Cunningham will turn to the driveway and deliver a hard-hitting profile. Cunningham's Hollywood-based show has gotten the scoop on more than 150 driveways. And let's be clear, they aren't all celebrity puff pieces. Cunningham savaged Brad Pitt by likening the star's driveway to his hair style--pretty messy.

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