Shalala Thwarts Robbery Attempt in Georgetown

The Washington Post

Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala thwarted a robbery attempt Sunday morning in Georgetown by throwing herself to the ground and screaming after a man demanded that she give up her wallet, police said.

The man and a female accomplice ran to a black Jeep Cherokee and sped off, police said. Shalala’s screams attracted the attention of a passerby, who offered help. But Shalala had matters under control: Not only did she escape unharmed, she got the vehicle’s license number and alerted police.

Within 20 minutes, three suspects were in custody, including the man and woman who allegedly accosted Shalala and a second woman who allegedly drove the getaway Jeep. Police said the trio had robbed another woman at a bus stop shortly before Shalala was attacked. Officers said the Jeep was stolen.


So police gave Shalala credit for helping to solve three crimes.

A source familiar with the investigation said Shalala later identified the two people charged with accosting her.

Arrested were Washington residents Donald Clark, 22; Tawana Clark, 20; and Sylvia Dorsey, 21.