Paraguay’s New President Picks Unity Cabinet

From Times Wire Services

This nation’s new president, Luis Gonzalez Macchi, assembled his Cabinet on Tuesday, making good on a pledge to give the opposition a voice.

The new unity government joins Gonzalez Macchi’s Colorado Party, in power for 52 years, with the Liberal and National Encounter opposition parties, giving them the vice presidency and four key ministries, including industry and foreign affairs.

Gonzalez Macchi assumed office Sunday night after the abrupt resignation of President Raul Cubas Grau in the wake of bloody protests and last week’s assassination of Vice President Luis Maria Argana.


Nelson Argana, son of the slain vice president, was named defense minister in the new government.

Cubas and his family fled the country and arrived early Tuesday in Brazil after it offered him political asylum.

Meanwhile, former Gen. Lino Oviedo, the reputed strongman behind Cubas’ presidency, was in Argentina on Tuesday after receiving asylum there.

The new government opposed the decisions by Brazil and Argentina.