Chase Away the Blues (Veins, That Is)

There's nothing like bathing suit season to bring out a woman's concerns about the spider and varicose veins on her legs. But before opting for expensive laser surgery to zap the unsightly spots, you may want to try Venastat, a natural dietary supplement that may reduce existing varicose veins, protect against leg swelling and help maintain leg vein circulation.

The active ingredient in the pink pills is horse chestnut seed extract, which works to increase vein wall integrity by inhibiting the enzymes that eat away at the lining of vein walls and cause swelling and leakage. The herbal extract has been used for centuries in Europe to increase vascular health throughout the body and is found in many dietary supplements.

"The side effects of horse chestnut seed extract are minimal to none. It's definitely worth a try before turning to surgery," says Steven Rosenblatt, a Santa Monica herbalist and acupuncturist.

Varicose veins are most common in the legs because vein walls tend to sag around the valves there because of gravity.

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