Rodman for President Is No Joke

* Re Dana Parsons’ column “He’s the Perfect Candidate for the White House,” Oct. 10.

First, I do read, faithfully, Mr. Parsons’ column, and until this one have found them sensitive but also provocative, informative or humorous. I hope this one was intended to be humorous. But even the name “Dennis Keith Rodman” is inflammatory.

I respect the right of most anyone to make a statement, but I draw the line at an individual who, in an audience, shouts “Fire!” or one with behaviors exhibited by Rodman. He displays, in public, all possible personal distasteful, disgusting, unsportsmanlike, illegal, and/or arrogant characteristics ever described and some never described. I find it difficult to think of a single redeeming quality about his persona, and I can think of several that make him a menace, for he does represent a model for a segment of vulnerable youth.

How would you like a community of Rodmans?


Newport Beach