Tornado Cleanup Continues

From Associated Press

Office workers retrieved business papers and belongings Sunday from a 35-story building damaged by last week's deadly tornadoes, while parishioners from one church gathered elsewhere to give thanks that more lives were not lost.

More than 1,300 members of Calvary Cathedral International sang and danced at a Fort Worth exhibit hall. About 100 people were attending Bible studies in the church Tuesday evening when a tornado shredded the cathedral's roof and stripped walls from a prayer tower.

The Rev. Bob Nichols told the congregation that God's grace prevented more lives from being lost. Four people were killed and another is presumed dead after the tornado hit Fort Worth and another hit Arlington and Grand Prairie.

Office workers returned to the heavily damaged, 35-story Bank One building to try to salvage crucial files, computers and other items.

A 20-block area will be closed again today for cleanup work.

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