Refrigerator Noises Warn of Pending Fan-Motor CollapseQuestion:...


Refrigerator Noises Warn of Pending Fan-Motor Collapse

Question: My frostless refrigerator-freezer whistles, wheezes and hisses. What do these strange sounds indicate? Is the refrigerator about to break down?

Answer: Your refrigerator’s strange noises are probably coming from the evaporator fan motor located on the back wall of the freezer compartment. Usually before the evaporator’s motor bearings give out, they will make chirping sounds. As the bearings continue to wear, the motor will produce strange noises similar to the ones you describe. Usually this means the fan motor is about due for replacement. Your local appliance center may have a fan motor that would fit.

Diamond-Tipped Bits Best for Tile Drilling


Q: How do you drill into bathroom wall tiles? I would like to put rails in the shower area.

A: One method is to place a finish nail on the tile, and tap it with a hammer to score the glazing. Bore on the scored mark with a masonry bit.

The second method is to simply buy a carbide- or diamond-tipped drill to bore the hole. Using these bits eliminates the need to score the glazing. The diamond-tipped drill is more expensive but preferable to the carbide-tipped bit.

Both bits are available at hardware stores and industrial suppliers. Use a variable-speed drill when using these bits so that you can drill at a slow speed.



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