IntraCom Corp. to Deliver Ultrasound on Internet

IntraCom Corp., an Internet health care specialty company with an office in Thousand Oaks, has begun release of a new product to transmit ultrasound images in real time over the Internet.

The Food and Drug Administration has granted IntraCom clearance to market MedEcho, part of IntraCom’s MedDesk line of health-care specialty products. Final release of MedEcho is anticipated in the second quarter.

MedEcho uses the Internet to transmit ultrasound images from medical centers to physician offices and clinics. Physicians are able to access MedEcho images on their personal computers.

IntraCom officials said MedEcho will provide faster access to images for diagnosis, accurate examinations and reduced medical costs.


A line of other health care products and services that complete the Internet-based MedDesk suite of applications will follow the introduction of MedEcho.

The privately held company has offices in Thousand Oaks, Alameda and Sacramento.