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Air Magic Wireless Headset

* What it does: Lets mobile phone users keep both hands on the wheel while driving.

* Price: $99.95 to $129.99, depending on retailer.

* Manufacturer: Advanced Mobile Solutions Inc.

* Niche: Mobile phone users who know its reckless to yak into the phone while barreling down the 101 but don’t want to get tangled in the wires of standard headsets.

* The good: The earpiece provides excellent sound, is easily adjusted and is more comfortable than “earbud” style earphones that fit into your ear. Because it’s wireless between the earpiece and the phone, users have more freedom to move without getting snagged in wires. It can even be used by back- seat passengers. The power, which comes from the cigarette lighter outlet, also charges a tiny spare battery for the wireless headset. Unlike most of its wired rivals, the Air Magic device is usable with a wide range of mobile phones. It comes in black, silver and a cool blue.

* The bad: The earpiece is heavier and a bit bulkier than standard wired headsets, and it’s more expensive than many of them too. The Air Magic also works only in the car and doesn’t come with a mount for the user’s phone. Car mounting devices vary by type of phone and can be purchased separately, though.


* Bottom line: A good purchase for callers who spend inordinate amounts of time behind the wheel.