Suspect in N.J. Candy Store Slaying Dies in Shootout

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From Reuters

The man suspected of randomly shooting two New Jersey candy store customers, killing one, after asking for a candy bar, died in a police shootout Friday, authorities said.

Authorities identified the suspect as Naquan Supreme Perry, 20, of Union Township.

“It’s very evident that Mr. Perry is and was the individual who shot two patrons at the store Monday,” Union County prosecutor Thomas Manahan said at a news conference. Authorities also named Perry as the prime suspect in the Sept. 15 murder in Sterling, Va., of a 15-year-old boy.

“It was the same type of killing. The same senseless, violent shooting of an individual at close range in the face was very similar to what occurred here in Union County,” Manahan said.


Perry’s motives for the murders are unknown, the prosecutor said.

Acting on an arrest warrant, a 16-member police SWAT team closed in on Perry at 4:30 a.m. Friday at his single-family home, Manahan said.

Perry opened fire with a 9-millimeter handgun in his second-floor bedroom as his 8-year-old sister stood by, police said.

Officers fired back, with one of two bullets killing Perry, Union Police Chief Thomas Kraemer told reporters. Perry’s sister was not harmed.

One of Perry’s bullets struck an officer’s gun, but no police officers were wounded, Kraemer said.

Police launched a manhunt throughout northern New Jersey after Perry allegedly walked into the Lucky Corner Gift Shop in Union Township on Monday, asked for a candy bar, then turned and shot two 60-year-old male customers in the head at point-blank range for no apparent reason, according to police accounts.

Henry Dahlmeyer was killed, and Michael Gorko was still in the hospital Friday, listed in fair condition, authorities said.


A break in the case came Wednesday when, in Virginia, an informant matched Perry to a police composite drawing and identified him as having a home and relatives in Union, N.J.

On Sept. 15, Eric VanNederynen, 15, was killed while walking home on a dark bike trail from his job at a mall, investigators said.

The boy was shot twice, in one of his eyes and one of his legs.

Loudon County, Va., sheriff’s investigators requested a photo of Perry from Union County authorities and matched bullets found at both murder scenes.

“The connection started to be made that Perry was the same shooter,” said Greg Brown, one of the investigators.