No Real Reason for Rising Medical Costs

James Flanigan's "Patients' Rights and Health-Care Costs Are Expanding Together" [Aug. 5] sent my blood pressure soaring!

I want to know why medical costs are rising? My cynical self says it's due to the never-ending game the insurers, hospitals and physicians play with one another, as in: How much money will I be able to get?

I had surgery last year that was billed at close to $20,000. My then-HMO paid less than $1,000, which the hospital accepted.

Recent biopsies resulted in a $360 invoice. I objected because I learned that these biopsies were not mandatory. Plus the money was coming out of my pocket. The fee was reduced to $200 and then to $120, which was supposedly near the lab's cost. So the lab has a 200% profit margin. We should all sue for price gouging.

Dan Morin

West Hollywood

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