Valley Secession

Re "Threats, Accusations Mark Secession Debate," Aug. 22: Why are secession activists so adamant that L.A. residents walk into a secession vote with their eyes shut? Will the Valley have its own water and power, or will residents have to buy it from L.A.? Will someone answer when my Valley relatives call 911, and can I get a guarantee that the answer is "yes"? Secession proponents might complain that the city is making the process difficult, but a breakup of this size, like it or not, will be difficult.

Why all the venom directed at the city's suggestion that residents put on their parachutes before jumping out of this plane? Why should voters be forced to make a hasty, unexamined decision at the behest of West Valley real estate brokers and development consultants offering a half-baked secession plan in a push to force L.A. to vote now and ask questions later?

Mary Caroline Cummins


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