Turnabout Is Fair Play

Prosecutors are there to see that justice be done, not to work their way up to high positions by lying and changing and withholding evidence ("Prosecutor Finds Self in Role of Prosecuted," Aug. 20). As his peers claim, Michael Duarte was a crackerjack lawyer, so therefore he knew what he was doing. Now that he has been caught, let the full weight of the law drop on him, just as he probably insisted for so many others.

Now he cries, seeking sympathy. How many defendants and their families have cried while Duarte celebrated their convictions among his colleagues back at the office? How many hangman's-noose trophies decorate his office walls commemorating people he has sent away, perhaps unlawfully? Let's get tough on crime--isn't that what you've demanded in the past, Mr. Duarte? Or do you want a different set of rules to apply to you?

Ruben Rosales


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