Pedestrians Dogged by Unleashed Pets

A dog owner for many years and lover of most socialized, trained and leashed dogs, I can relate to "Unleashed Dogs" (letter, June 26), as can many others who venture out for a walk. My husband and my mother, both heart patients out walking in their neighborhoods, have been bitten by unleashed dogs. My husband now walks indoors on the treadmill. The day this letter appeared, my mother was frightened again by unleashed dogs, this time by five dogs accompanied by the unapologetic owner, who was also out for a walk, carrying dumbbells. One of the larger dogs jumped up on my mother, planting its paws on her back and nearly knocking her down.

Because so many dog owners are both careless and clueless, we need some strictly enforced leash laws--some with big teeth. What we have now is complete disregard for others in the joyful(?) practice of free-running dogs. Unfortunately for many walkers, the choice is to carry a golf club and a can of pepper spray or to not walk outdoors.

Barbara Parsons

Woodland Hills

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