So Who's Thinking About the Drivers?

Regarding "Man About Town" (June 18): As a longtime homeowner of West Hollywood, I resent it when a "foreigner" (a resident of Venice) fast talks his way into becoming "West Hollywood's incisive urban designer" and redesigns our sidewalks and streets without consideration of residents who call West Hollywood home.

As a taxpayer, I am appalled that [West Hollywood staff urban designer John] Chase gave little, or no thought whatsoever, to those of us who drive. While, I too, love the grand sidewalks and boulevards of Paris, Mr. Chase is under the grand delusion that most people in West Hollywood, or Los Angeles for that matter, walk rather than drive, in a city whose mass-transit system is minimal at best and does not offer the remarkable Metro of Paris, the city that Mr. Chase is so terribly fond of.

How reassuring that they will enjoy our "new wider sidewalks" while the rest of us will have to endure the endless congestion that the "new" narrower streets provide.

Those of us who underwrote this project will never have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of Mr. Chase's labor. Many of us will have moved because of the traffic or from sunstroke sitting on those park benches waiting for what, I have no idea.

My Range Rover and I thank you for thinking about us.


West Hollywood


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