Cheney’s Health and Medical Coverage

Re “Bush Under Strain, a Heartbeat Away,” Commentary, July 3:

Is Robert Scheer for real or is he just pretending to be the village idiot? Oh yes, I agree with him; everyone with a preexisting health condition should resign his or her job. Everyone who is not fit to be a private in the Army should quit his or her job. Franklin Roosevelt was certainly not fit to be a private in the Army and he served four terms as president.

Tim Elliott



I am very happy to see that Vice President Cheney is up and about again. But please, may I ask a question? How much was his co-pay for this procedure? Nothing, you say? Zilch, nada, zero? Hmm. Well then, how much are his insurance premiums? What? Again nothing. So tell me, why is there so much discussion in Washington about health care? Why can’t we the people get the same coverage that Cheney has?

Judy Cohen

North Hills

Multimillionaire Cheney just underwent a very expensive surgical procedure at taxpayers’ expense--socialized medicine, if you please. What about the rest of us? The hard-working poor, the aged and, yes, the middle class--for the rest of us socialized medicine is a no-no. Cheney and the president think socialized medicine for the common people is un-American.


Herman Berman

Sherman Oaks