Delphi's Anaheim Plant Wins Contract

Bloomberg News

Delphi Automotive Systems Corp., the largest auto-parts maker, said Tuesday that it has won about $40 million worth of contracts for vehicle batteries from auto makers and replacement-parts retailers.

The contracts include a five-year, $4-million order from Honda Motor Co.'s Brazil unit for a new type of motorcycle battery that can last twice as long as current lead-acid batteries, Delphi said in a statement.

The contracts for the batteries, produced at the company's Anaheim plant, run from one to six years. Alysse Hecker, a spokeswoman for the Troy, Mich., company spun off from General Motors Corp. two years ago, declined to give further details.

The absorbent glass-mat batteries for Honda use glass separators to trap gases produced during charging, creating a more efficient chemical reaction to generate electricity than in a conventional battery, Delphi has said.

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