Tankless Water Heating System Is Energy-Efficient


Question: I am thinking of replacing my gas water heater with what I believe is called a set system--basically a set of heating coils that attach to the main water feed. The system gives you hot water only when it is needed.

This would eliminate the need to heat water continuously

. Where can I find such a system? Is this system more economical?

Answer: The system you refer to as a "set" system is known industry-wide as a "tankless" water heating system, because it does not store heated water--no tank.

The tankless system is energy-efficient because hot water is not being continuously reheated in a storage tank.

The only time the tankless type uses energy is when the hot water faucet is open.

These systems are in wide use around the world, but Americans have shied away from them because they do not produce high volumes of water.

For example, with a tankless system you might find it difficult to maintain warm water when the clothes washer is in operation at the same time that both bathrooms are being used.


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