Anthony Crivello

The actor, who won a Tony for "Kiss of the Spider Woman," is in "Do I Hear a Waltz?" at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Fish on Deck: Friday, I'll usually grab a bite to eat at Froggy's, which is in the middle of Topanga Canyon. It's great. They've converted an old American Legion post, and they have the best seafood, and an interesting crowd. There's a deck off the back of the place that juts off into the canyon. They have great whitefish and this special rice that they make too.

Spare Time: After that, sometimes I'll go midnight bowling with friends. There are lanes up on Ventura Boulevard, north of Fallbrook, where they have rock 'n' roll bowling. All the balls are different high-gloss colors and the pins are lit up and it's all lit with a black light. They pump over the sound system all kinds of rock, from Train to the Cure to Springsteen. They have a guy who spins discs, whatever you want to hear.

Morning Dive: Saturday morning, the place is Bobby's, also on Ventura Boulevard. It's sort of a dive breakfast joint with interesting types, no-frill, nothing hung on the walls, but the best hash browns I've ever had. You know, a $3.98 breakfast with eggs and bacon and hash browns. Nothing healthy on the weekend.

Superfan: My favorite time of year is the fall, because that means college football. I'll go to Yankee Doodles in Woodland Hills or Santa Monica. They've got tons of TVs.

Friends in Good Places: Saturday evening I would go say hi to Tommie, who's a maitre d' at the Palm, and I'd go and hang out and have a great time there. And then on to drinks at the Casbah on Melrose. Great crowd. I also like Cat and Fiddle. And sometimes I'll even do jazz at La Ve Lee, especially when they have salsa jazz.

Sunday Plans: Depending on my whims, I could start out at church, St. Mel's, in Woodland Hills. Later, I'd go out to the Sagebrush Cantina on Calabasas Parkway to just hang out and watch the weekend bikers. My favorite band, the Cousin Lovers--a progressive rockabilly band--play around town, and they do shows there sometimes.

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