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The "Close Encounters" / "When You Wish Upon a Star" thing is getting out of hand (Saturday Letters, July 14 and 21).

Two things: (1) Virtually any song, from "Stardust" to "One Note Samba," contains the notes "re mi do do so," but not necessarily in that sequence. (2) That particular consecutive sequence of notes doesn't appear anywhere in "When You Wish Upon a Star," either forward or backward. So there's really no connection.

By the way, I used only letters from the script of "Close Encounters" to compose this.




Children are not the problem (Saturday Letters, June 30). In my 30-plus years of attending the cinema, theater, concerts and "nice" restaurants, I have yet to see a small child answer his or her cell phone; make a call during a performance; show up well after a performance has begun and ponder, out loud, "Where should we sit?" and then continue a discussion on the pros and cons of aisle seating; or, worst of all, stand up and stretch, thereby blocking the view of the row in back, the moment the end credits begin.

Some movie theaters are keeping out children under age 5. I propose they keep out phones and pagers and people who cannot seem to find their seats. Don't even get me started on the popcorn grazers and wrapper cracklers!SHAYNE HOOD Newhall

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