A Family Survives Assault by a Skunk

I read the account of the skunk attack ("With a Skunk Around, Family Life Stinks," July 17) with amusement and remembrances of horror. About 18 months ago my husband, adult son and I were rudely awakened at 3:30 a.m. to the horrific smell of what seemed to be a chemical fire. The fire department quickly arrived in force. Imagine our embarrassment to hear, "Lady, you had a skunk!" My husband showered, dressed and went to church to sing in the choir. The choir members politely requested he go home, change, and shower again between the first and second services, which he did. Monday morning we were delighted to hear about SKUNKS, a volunteer organization run by Share Bond at (310) 724-9643 [or visit the Web site at http://www.stinkybusiness.org]. Share came to our rescue by quickly bringing ionizers. These devices put out ions that neutralize the smell in a room.

All of our jackets and coats in the downstairs closets went to a special cleaners that would deodorize--at some expense. We hung all other clothes outside for three days. We had days of headaches and nausea. For weeks after, when we came into the house, we could still smell skunk until our noses got used to the smell.



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