$2,400 Ain't Beans for a Cab Ride to Boston

From Times Wire Reports

Cabby Jerry Howell wasn't exactly prepared for a 3,800-mile trip, but that's what he got when he picked up five men from the Philippines wanting a ride to Boston.

"I left town with a sweatshirt and a can of deodorant," the Rapid City, S.D., driver said.

A rental car would have been much cheaper, but none of the five was licensed to drive in the U.S.

The round trip took six days. The fare was $2,400, of which Howell got 40%.

"I was happy with it," he said. "I'm not going to complain. It paid me $960."

And the kicker? No tip. But Howell did wangle a couple of free meals at fast-food joints along the way.

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