Bush Daughters: 'Leave These Two Alone'

Re "New Alcohol Inquiry for Jenna Bush," May 31: Now a successful 34-year-old adult who volunteers every Wednesday in my community, I presented a fake ID at a hometown bar in 1983. I was just wondering if anyone would like to write a story about it. Of course not. And I feel relatively certain that the manager at Chuy's restaurant does not have the time to call authorities each time he comes across a fake ID attempt. The fact that he would feed on such low-hanging fruit is pathetic.

As for press writers: Leave these two alone. While what they may not or may have done is illegal, it's nothing a number of other 19-year-olds aren't pulling countrywide. More to the point, there are more pertinent issues that deserve our attention. Let these girls grow up in some semblance of peace. This fodder's invasive and wholly unworthy of mention.

Jennifer Simpkins

Los Angeles

* It seems that the president and first lady need to learn how to bring up their own children before they take on the responsibility of the nation. President Bush's daughter seems to be following her dad's example from when he was arrested for DUI. And he expects to run our country when he cannot control his own family.

I think the country should be embarrassed by the example they are setting.

Dave Taniguchi



Jenna and Barbara Bush obviously take after their father and have no grasp of the position they are now in. I don't recall the Clintons having such trouble.

Our children should have respectful, intelligent role models, not juvenile delinquents.

Steve Hudson

Huntington Beach

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