Civil War Sub Resurfaces for New Tours

The Civil War-era H.L. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy warship, will return to display June 16 in Charleston, S.C., after a six-month hiatus.

The Confederate vessel, which sank in 1864 after scuttling a Union ship enforcing a blockade of Charleston harbor, was raised from the sea floor last year.

It was on display from October to January, when archeologists began examining it in detail. Among their finds that made the news were the remains of eight crewmen and a gold coin said to have blocked a bullet and saved the life of the sub's commander at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862. Some of the salvaged artifacts will be on display, and, for the first time, visitors will be able to view the inside of the sub.

The new tours are scheduled for weekends only (plus July 5 and 6 for the extended holiday weekend) through Sept. 2. To order tickets, at $10 each, call (888) 202-3849 or visit the Internet site For more information on the Hunley, call (843) 744-2186 or visit

Compiled by JANE ENGLE

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