Some Tips on Tipping

I read Christopher Reynolds' article on tipping ("Tipping Customs Can Be Tourists' Slippery Slide," Travel Insider, April 29), and I believe he's confused about his experience in France.

I was in Paris in April, and I also tried to leave a tip on a credit-card receipt on several occasions until I was told by a waiter that it wasn't possible. Apparently credit card companies do not honor gratuities on credit cards in France. I left cash tips after that.

When I later received my credit card statement, none of the gratuities that I believed I had included in my signed receipt was included in the statement.

MOIRA STODDARD West Chicago, Ill.

Reynolds' column was a refreshing look at this seemingly forced Americanism in Europe, for the attitudes about tipping have changed dramatically.

As recently as three years ago, on my first trek through Amsterdam, leaving a tip to a waiter or a bartender was unheard of. But during my latest jaunt, through the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic, nearly every service person I encountered expected a tip. I was shocked.

Thankfully, in the pubs of Edinburgh, you still have waiters saying "What is this for?" when you try to leave a little something after a drink is served.


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