Derek Fisher played only seven minutes in the second half and overtime on Wednesday. After averaging 15.1 points through three series, he missed all four of his shots and did not score in Game 1 against the 76ers.

"That's life in the NBA," Fisher said. "You are always very fortunate to get an opportunity to play a game either the next day of a couple of days later. Obviously, for us, we'll really be anticipating Friday night's game. We didn't come with the energy and the mind-set that we needed to sustain in this game.

"I'll take a lot of credit for that and responsibility for us not being ready. Energy starts at the top of the floor with your guards, and I was unable to really get it going the way I wanted to."

Phil Jackson won't let anyone forget that he believes Allen Iverson travels and/or carries the ball, depending on the possession. Even his compliments--and there are plenty--come with a trailer.

"He's got the ability to get off shots in a league where athletes basically pride themselves on how many shots they can get off in a ballgame, because they can," Jackson said of Iverson.

"Here's a young guy that's slight or small as almost anybody we've had in this league--and he's not only able to get off shots but lead the league in scoring. So, that's quite remarkable."

He paused and grinned, then said, "Now, how he does it, I'm still in a quandary about that."

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