Children Can Learn How Stuff Works, Visit Virtual Library

Kids eager to expand their knowledge of the world can access instant information uplinks at How Stuff Works and the Internet Public Library.

How Stuff Works

For those curious about how nearly anything works, How Stuff Works, at, is the right destination. The site is packed with information on topics including Computers and the Internet, Engines and Automotive, Electronics and Telecom, Science and Technology, Body and Health and Entertainment.

How Stuff Works recently launched a children's print magazine and companion site called How Stuff Works Express at Here, kids can explore such categories as Extraordinary People, a look at exceptional figures of science and technology, and Toy Autopsy, where popular toys are dissected and explained.

Also featured is How Stuff Will Work, an amusing take on tomorrow's technology, and Teacher's Corner, which includes lesson plans, work sheets and classroom activities. In No Way! Mysteries and Misconceptions, kids learn engaging tidbits. For instance, elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library, at, is part of the University of Michigan School of Information. It offers a vast amount of data. There are more than 3,000 magazine and serial links, plus an international listing of national and local newspapers.

The Internet Public Library features sections for youngsters and teens. Youth, geared for grades K-6, includes more than 2,000 Web sites with topics including Reference, Computers/Internet, Math, Reading, Art & Music, Science, Fun Stuff and Teachers & Parents.

The Teen section offers more than 1,000 Web sites covering a bevy of topics--including College and Career, Money, Dating, Health, Arts & Entertainment, Homework, Books and Writing.


Karen Jones is a freelance writer specializing in children's interactive media.

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