Another Chance for Judges to be Exemplary

Re "More Judges Answering Call for Jury Duty," June 3: Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge James A. Bascue and Superior Court Judge Jacqueline A. Connor believe that judges should be treated like other citizens and serve jury duty. Let me suggest that we take this learning opportunity one step further.

Every day, thousands of those employed in Los Angeles County courthouses must undergo an unnecessary and degrading weapons screening as they enter their workplace. This mandate applies to the judges' own clerks and court reporters, as well as to the district attorneys and public defenders. The only persons exempt are judges, their bailiffs, a few court administrators and police officers.

The judges should set an example by standing in line with citizens and civil servants as they wait for the opportunity to place their briefcases and purses in the X-ray machine and walk through the metal detector.

Dror Toister


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