English, in Name Only


Arthingworth sounds like it belongs in the English countryside rather than in Rancho Santa Fe in northern San Diego County. Built by Ralph and Bridget Rokeby-Johnson when he retired from his London-based business, the Spanish-style home takes its name from the original in Northamptonshire, England, owned by his family for 300 years before his great uncle sold it during the Depression.

About this house: Arthingworth has been on and off the market since 1995, when it was listed for $11 million. So how serious are the sellers? "We love the house and its surroundings, but our children don't want to live here, and I'm getting on a bit, so, yes, we would like to sell," said Ralph Rokeby-Johnson. The couple divide their time between Rancho Santa Fe, South Africa and England, where their two sons live.

Asking price: $10.5 million

Size: Eight bedrooms, including two-bedroom separate guest quarters and 10 baths in 15,000 square feet, all on 9 acres.

Features: A tennis court, 80-meter pool, formal gardens, cherrywood-paneled library, 5,000-bottle wine cellar, gold-inlay, 18th century-style moldings, bucolic views.

In keeping with the Spanish tradition, the entry drive leads to an outer forecourt, beyond which lies the inner courtyard of the main house. The interiors are English Regency in style.

Where: 17625 Los Mirlitos, in the covenant of Rancho Santa Fe; open June 17, 2 to 4 p.m.

Listing agents: Bob Jacobs, Heather and Holly Manion, Rancho Santa Fe Realty, a Division of Dyson and Dyson, (858) 756-3007.


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