Killing the Buzz

Don't believe the hype! Last night's performance by Paul Simon and Paul McCartney at the Adopt-a-Minefield benefit wasn't their first appearance together. We hear that McCartney joined Simon onstage Wednesday at the Greek Theatre for a rendition of the Beatles classic "I've Just Seen a Face." Simon shared the bill with Brian Wilson, who introduced McCartney as he took his seat in the audience.

Adios, Bozo

As Bozo the Clown took a final bow after 40 years on television, Lara Flynn Boyle recalled an embarrassing Bozo moment from her childhood: "My mom has this picture of me as a kid next to Bozo the Clown. I'm holding my skirt up because I got so terrified when Bozo put his arm around me that I wet myself," she told TV Guide.

Given her on-again, off-again relationship with Jack Nicholson, Boyle seems to have conquered her fear of balding, pasty-faced older men.

Revell-ing in the Past

Film composer Graeme Revell, the man behind the soundtrack to "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," which opens to-

day, discovered music in an Australian mental institution during the late 1970s. Working as a orderly, Revell, then 21, befriended three schizophrenic patients and formed a punk rock band, SPK.

"The style of music is something that I retained to this day," Revell said. "In a sense it was like, everything goes." The group "became popular in a small way," Revell added, until the lead singer committed suicide.

It's a sad, true story soon to be a film, tentatively titled "The Tear Garden." Walt Disney Studios Chairman Peter Schneider cut a deal with Revell last year, and brothers Michael and Mark Polish are working with Revell on the script.

Quote, Unquote

"You can't live with a white couch when you've got kids." --Jane Kaczmarek, the "Malcolm in the Middle" mom who has two youngsters with "The West Wing" star Bradley Whitford, in July's "Ladies' Home Journal."

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Adventures With Jillian

At Campanile the other day, male heads swiveled and we swear the three businessmen at the corner table were drooling, and not over the menu. All the fuss was over Jillian Barberie, the big personality who livens up the weather on "Good Day L.A." for Fox's KTTV.

The bodacious Barberie, 34, has taken off her jacket and cranked up the banter, along with the morning show's ratings. This is the weather reporter who once referred to a "cutoff low" as a "John Wayne Bobbitt weather phenomena."

The weather in Los Angeles might be boring, but lunch with Barberie was an adventure. We have no patience for TV Barbie dolls, but Barberie is the exception. She's earthy, smart, funny and real. Her encyclopedic knowledge of L.A. true-crime stories, especially the Manson murders, proves there is intelligent life on Planet Jillian.

She has energy to burn. Besides her morning job, Barberie holds down two other gigs. She does weather for jocks on Fox's "NFL Sunday" show, and she hosts the new FX stump-a-star show, "The Test." Lately, her face has been pasted on buses and billboards all over town.

Halfway through the Caesar salad, Barberie stood to show off her new tattoo, flipping up her Fred Segal baseball jersey and yanking down the top of her miniskirt. The boys at the corner table nearly got whiplash. There, in the small of her back, was a Union Jack and the letters DMO, for the name she was given at birth: Dawn Mary O'Ryan. She was adopted and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Barberie married pro baseball player Bret Barberie, now retired, after meeting him during her days as a TV reporter in Miami. They have five cats, two dogs and no kids. A lifelong curiosity about her roots recently prompted her to hire a private investigator to find her birth parents. Upon meeting them, Barberie learned that they were married three months after she was born and stayed together 11 years. She also discovered she has two sisters, ages 28 and 22. The younger one works as Barberie's personal assistant.

Naturally, Barberie has shared her personal drama with viewers. Her candor is part of her charm. And it's great for ratings. "Good Day L.A." has knocked KTLA, owned by our keepers at Tribune Co., from its longtime perch as the most-watched local morning show.

As we headed toward the parking valets, Barberie let out a squeal. A tanning product had turned her legs a streaky orange. Explains the long skirts she's been wearing this week.

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