Suspect Must Give Samples

Associated Press

One of two teens charged with killing two Dartmouth College professors must submit blood, hair and handwriting samples to the prosecution, a judge ruled Thursday.

In a 10-page decision, Judge Peter Smith said the state's request for the samples does not violate Robert Tulloch's constitutional right against self-incrimination.

After reviewing other states' policies on self-incrimination, Smith wrote, those with language similar to New Hampshire's "have consistently held that such compelled samples are nontestimonial and therefore do not violate the self-incrimination clause."

Tulloch's defense lawyer, Richard Guerriero, said he was considering appealing the decision to the state Supreme Court.

Tulloch, 18, and James Parker, 17, both of Chelsea, Vt., are charged with first-degree murder in the Jan. 27 stabbing deaths of Half and Susanne Zantop in their Hanover home.

Tulloch's trial has tentatively been set for January. Prosecutors are still trying to clear the way for Parker, who was 16 at the time of the killings, to stand trial as an adult.

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